Hello NYS!


February 12, 201

Under the assumption that one can never receive too much information, I am starting this blog in order to shove myself into the 21st century and to make sure information is passed along to all of you. I will hopefully be writing something monthly, look for it during the first week of the month. (I had better write myself a reminder). The blog will allow you to comment or ask questions about anything.

On the front burner this month is the already passed change in the DOH 405 regs for emergency departments.  The DOH is mandating both ACLS and PALS or its equivalancy (that’s ENPC) for all nursing and medical staff working in NYS EDs.  Joanne Fadale our current ENPC chair is already communicating with a contact at the DOH about this.  She has sent them copies of the manual as well as information from national which compares ENPC and PALS.  The Health Department prefers to work with only one contact.  Please do not contact them individually with questions or comments about ENPC.  Joanne speaks for NYS ENA as regards ENPC and PALS.  I will keep you all updated as to how we fare when a decision has been made.

On a lighter note, Laura Giles has been asked, as the NYS ENA representative, to be on a panel at this year’s NYS Student Nurse Association conference next weekend.  Thank you Laura for taking the time to speak for us.

Enough for now, I have snow to shovel and birds to feed.  Stay warm, stay safe, see you in March….  Ginnie