funny bird

OK, even the birds have had enough!! The 8+ inches we suffered on Saturday night is beginning to melt today, the sun is shining so I can see my dirty windows and the end may be in sight.

NYSENA is looking forward to a warmer April and conference in ROC. Promises to be fun and educational. If you haven’t registered or are a last minute planner, the decreased reg cost is still in effect- $150. Genesee Valley and Western have planned an exciting funfilled Thursday evening- games, dancing and food. Don’t forget $$$ for basket raffle tickets.

A save-the-date for July: Watertown is sponsoring a CEN review July 15 and 16. Further info to follow.

See you in a few weeks! Ginnie

ENPC news!!!

Heard from Joanne today. ENPC has been OK’d as equivalent to PALS for ED requirements in the new NYS 405 regs! We may need to ramp up and do more classes when the news gets out. No official letter, but ENPC will be mentioned when the official ruling is made. Thanks Joanne for your attention to this. See you all in April. Register ASAP if you haven’t already. bring your running shoes and your cowboy boots! G

glad to be home

missing the weather already, although the sun is shining today. just a forerunner of the 6+ inches expected tomorrow. Rah. filled the bird feed, picked up my dog and attended GVCENA meeting last night. making final preps for the conference next month and the 5K. I think it will be a great conference, don’t forget to register if you haven’t already. G

several long days

went to the movies last night. saw “the waiting room”, a documentary showing 24 hours in the life of the WR of an ED in Oakland CA. was a good heads up about lack of access to health care and overcrowding. BUT I think there was a lot of the Hawthorne effect as pts waited 6-8 hours and nobody got too upset! No four letter words, no ”in your face’ conversations, maybe I could work there. there was one excellent tech doing VS in triage who was always on the ball, kept folks level, used humor to defuse and respond to the crankies. just went to show we all have many of the same issues pat wise.

Today have spent time with Richard Mereu, our rep in Washington talking about what’s new, what’s been passed, what’s coming up which may effect us. Passed this last half of the year was the Poison Center Network act funding 24 hr toll free call centers, prevention education and state grant programs. Also passed was the SANE act which increases reporting in the military and assigns 1 FT SANE to each military medical facility.

Pending is HR 1821 Safe Staffing which requires all CMS hospitals to establish unit specific staffing plans, developed by a team consisting of 55% direct care nurses.
Also pending S264 Mental Health act promoting 24 hr crisis care and community MH centers which integrates physical, mental and substance abuse treatment. It seeks to establish parity with medical for mentl health care.
Trauma care has not been funded since 2005 but HR 4080 would provide trauma center grants as well as grand funding to address any shortfalls in reimbursement.

CMS had implemented the 2-midnite rule:pts who stayed less than 2 midnites would be reimbursed at lower levels. this will be delayed until 2015
CMS also tried to combine all ED facility codes into one averaged code, which would really decrease reimbursement for the higher level trauma or medical pt. This also was rescinded until a later date.

so much for now, want to get out and enjoy the 70 degree afternoon. eat you hearts out snow bunnies!! G

Hello from Phoenix


We are up, still dark out (: but on the move. Interesting board and town meeting yesterday; 11 candidates on the ballot for upcoming elections, looking forward to hearing from them this week. today begins the portion of the conference just for chapter and state leaders beginning w/breakfast with out liaison Ellie Encapera this AM. Sue and I have already picked out the classes we want to take for the week highlighted by news from Washington which may effect us and financial stuff. So we are off and running, chat with you later in the week. G

we have arrived!

almost 11pm on the East coast, hope you aren’t getting too much bad weather tonight. we had an uneventful flight and landed to sun and 70s!! looking forward to seeing a little of Phoenix tomorrow and then getting ready for the Board meeting on Wed. will keep in touch during the week if I have time. Ginnie