Here at last?


Trying hard to get back in the game after spending an enjoyable if COLD week on the Outer Banks. Definitely not beach walking weather, definitely shopping and happy hour weather, which we did! Now to get back, review the candidate videos for upcoming national ENA elections and wait for the email which says the polls are open. I urge any of you who want your voice to be heard, to participate and vote. ‘Nuff for now, enjoy the change from winter to spring this week. Get out there and get your hands dirty!

Research request

rec’d an email from Jessica Castner re her research project about use of standing orders in the ED. see below and please consider taking the survey. Ginnie

Work in an EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT or have management responsibilities in an ED? Please take our 2 minute, anonymous, research survey to help us assess state-to-state differences in triage protocols/standing orders

You are invited to participate in a research study titled “RN Scope of Practice and Triage Protocols/Standing Orders Survey.” This study is being led by Dr. Jessica Castner from the University at Buffalo. We are assessing differences among states and hospital types in how RNs can initiate orders from a protocol. The results should help us better understand how state scope of practice impacts hospital policy and nursing practice. Here is the link again:

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jessica Castner at or 716-829-2060
Thank you so much for your consideration! Please consider forwarding this email to professionals in your network affiliated with emergency department care and management.

Note a link to the survey can also be found on the ENA “External Research Opportunities” page at

Jessica Castner, PhD, RN, CEN
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Wende 212
3435 Main Street
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
M: 716-417-7360

corrola lighthouse

Well, a beautiful day on the Outer Banks, temps in the high 70s, good beach walking, sorry I am missing winter’s last fling in NY! Not. I did my delegate survey today; a few hiccups, but working well now. Get yours done and off to me before the end of June. Thank you all for attendance at Setting the Pace and the 5K. I think next year in Saratoga will be great!! Am not sure I want to return to NYS; I think my lawn will be past the need for it’s first mowing. Oh well, I’ll just bale the first mow and go on from there. Flo’s birthday is coming up soon, time to reflect and review our profession’s changes over the last 100+ years. Who would have thought that things, except for technology, would be so similar? Still not much cohesion within the profession, still fighting to be heard; still working on peer to peer aggression. I think Flo would be pleased with the improvements to date. We will always be a work in progress. Ginnie



Setting the Pace 2014 is complete! Moderately well attended, with some really interesting courses; I know I personally will be assessing for the “badness” in all incoming peds-with-fever pts! The 5K was held successfully; everyone who started, finished, even if they were being pushed in a grocery cart. Not financially a success but many valuable lessons learned for next time (and there will be a next time). I was going to write some other stuff but when I opened the President’s Blog to write, discovered I had 45 comments!! was I ever thrilled, could not wait to read what you all were saying, good or bad, about my blathering. Well, every single comment concerned: car insurance, online education, or viagra/cialis. How disappointing. I will ask Sarah if there is any way to stop this as I have no need for any of the items being pushed. Oh and then there was the MD from Ghana who wanted to let me know a really great way to invest and earn money. Twice. Just push the ‘d’ and move on. Will leave for NC and the Outer Banks in the AM, hope it’s warmer there. Ginnie


It’s almost time!! Setting the Pace 2014 begins tomorrow. I only hope the weather is above 40 w/no snow. This year we are looking at our past, enjoying our present, and preparing for our future. While registration is down from last year, the classes will be good with something for everyone. Western and Genesee Valley have put together a fun evening for all with games, food, dancing and music. The basket raffle will be full of surprises as usual, I only hope the lilac bushes were out last weekend or GVENA won’t have a bush to raffle this year!! The 1st Annual(I hope) Setting the Pace 5K starts at 6 on Friday. We don’t have as big a sign up as hoped; it’s hard to think about running when there’s snow on the ground and a mean temp <40! I know my sneakers aren't out yet. If you don't recognize the attached photo, it's the original, first ever, built in Anita's basement, crash cart! Imagine dragging that down the hall with the dingy bell ringing. We have come a long way, baby! See you at the conference. Ginnie