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Apathy is most commonly defined as a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern. It is a state of indifference. Many, if not all of us, have felt this ‘state of indifference’ for varied reasons. It may be a natural response to disappointment, dejection, or stress. But too many of us remain apathetic when there are simple ways to express our needs and wants to others. I am trying to come up with reasons that only 72 out of over 2400 NYS ENA members have voted in the current national elections. When it takes less than 30 minutes to review candidates and make your selections, what adequate reasons can there be for not using those 30 minutes to good advantage?
1- don’t have time: skip a smoke break
2- don’t know the candidates: whose fault is that?
3- doesn’t concern me: are you an ED nurse, a member of this
association? then it concerns you.
4- what’s in it for me?: education, support for legislation,
self esteem, what’s not in it for you?

Two years ago at National General Assembly, the board wanted to have elections decided by the board, due to continuing poor turnout for membership voting. The GA voted this down, wanting the total membership to have a say in who represented them. If the <10% voting continues, I am afraid we will lose our ability to choose. It's up to you. Voting ends June 11. Get online and make your choices. I try not to get on the soapbox too often, but sometimes it's necessary. Mel will be sending me info on how many from each chapter have voted soon; do not make me get up here again, I always need help getting down. Be a part of your association, not just a dues payer who sits by and doesn't participate. G

getting back to ‘normal’


I can truthfully say I have done nothing this week except laundry and mow the lawn. Twice. I drove to PA on Saturday for my 50th HS reunion. I don’t know where those old folks came from, although I did recognize a few. And an astonishing list of those gone, hope I’m not on the list next time around. Doesn’t seem like 50 years, next will be 50 from nursing school. Although I grew up with the HS friends, the nursing school friends are the ones with mega memories and good times. There is something to be said for immersion into the training; you learn to cope with all kinds of people and happenings. And are prepared for just about anything, whether it’s a secret wedding (we weren’t allowed to be married) or a family issue that somehow effects everyone, not just the student involved.

My dog Evee (see photo above) was glad to see me. She has been disappointed at the dearth of car rides this week. Next job will be the groomer and washing all the dog beds and blankets. My son’s dog will have to be included in the outing as payback for dog sitting while I was away. They both tolerate going and always look so nice and shiny when done. For about two days until something good to roll in comes along.

I am working diligently on the delegate list for national in October. We are only allotted 38 plus one alternate and have 60 plus applications so far. There was some confusion as several applications came in as ‘anonymous’ but I think I have it straightened out. Deadline is 5/31 so results will be sent out early in June. If you didn’t make the cut, do not despair, there are always some who find they cannot attend and the next in line gets to move up.

Also, don’t forget to vote in National Elections! You cannot complain if you don’t participate in choosing who represents us on the board. See you all in July I hope……Ginnie



As Dorothy said, “there’s no place like home”. Arrived tonight, straightened out my checkbook (still in the black I am glad to say) and will welcome my own little bed tonight. Sue and I had a nice time visiting Gerard White in Cork and touring Mercy hospital as well as an Urgent Care and Cork University Hospital. Gerard is an APN seeing pts in the ED and return visits for follow up. Although Irish healthcare is under the National Health Service, we all have the same problems with boarding at the top of the list. Nurses are paid less than the Irish minimum wage of 9 euros (about $13) so facilities are having difficulty keeping staff who tend to migrate to where the money is. (does this sound familiar?). Their recent recession and changes in government has not helped. Healthcare innovation is about 10-15 years behind the US and nursing as always, continues to find work arounds to care for their patients.

ON a whole our trip was great, barring the daily multiple showers (always followed by a rainbow) and cool weather. We returned the car with all it’s parts, although I know somebody’s side mirror went flying on one trip through some little burg! We put 2400 miles on the car, scraped a lot of mud off the edges of the road and drove on several roads with grass in the middle. The green hedges on every road were lovely but we all knew that under there somewhere was a stone wall. Lots of sheep, lots of cows, a few horses and burros and the occasional alpaca. You will be happy to hear that although we all climbed Blarney Castle to the top, Sue was not allowed to kiss the stone; one of our party did after multiple assurances that they sprayed the stone after every ‘kiss’ and thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after closing every night! Hah, you and I know what they probably do every night and cleaning with disinfectant ain’t it!

In looking back at our two weeks, I don’t think that as a young country, whose history only encompasses a few hundred years, we are always able to appreciate the history and sacrifice of others. We can admire the fortresses and castles, look at the statues of leaders who gave their lives for the cause (whatever it was) without gaining an understanding of why the sacrifice was important. We take for granted in the US what other nations continue to struggle to achieve, even though their longevity is greater than ours. And now I am getting tired and running on……good night. Ginnie

On the road again (gotta luv retirement)


Happy May Day! hope you all found baskets on your doors this AM. Hah. Does anyone do that anymore? Anyway, Sue and I are off to Ireland this weekend; she needs to finish STEP then will be coming Monday w/our ENA husband and other friends. I will be solo with the car for two days, pray for me please. I am looking forward to returning to the Green Isle and plan to veg out. I promise I will NOT let Sue kiss the Blarney Stone!! Can you just imagine what that would bring? We are planning on meeting with an International ENA Member on Wednesday and touring his facility, can’t wait.

Great issue of Connections came this week, already read from cover to cover. Good review of Leadership and the chance to read about upcoming election candidates. Do your due diligence, read their info, watch the videos and VOTE!

Will not be blogging until I return, am looking forward to no computer, no phone, etc. Just like the olden days AKA my childhood! See you when I get back…..Ginnie