National (?) Elections

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OK elections are over, very close in President and Sec/Treas categories. I was surprised to see that Mickey Mouse, Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as President Obama were all write-ins for nominations committee.

Now we are all prepping for chapter elections which must be complete before the October meeting in Middletown. I realize that these positions can be time consuming and are all volunteer, but if you want your chapters to be viable and active, we must begin to coach and mentor younger members for the challenging leadership roles.

Delegate orientation online is not open as yet; if your application was accepted (and you should have all rec’d an email from me by now notifying that you are a delegate or in line in case of a cancellation) please plan on attending the 5-7PM orientation on Friday July 25th in Binghamton. All the resolutions have not been published as yet but will try and bring those I am aware of to be discussed. The meeting info is on the calendar re the council meeting and number to make reservations at the Doubletree. Don’t forget to let Dan know if you are planning to attend the Saturday meeting so we can plan for lunch.

Will be spending some time on the road the next few days, going to PA for MD appt with Dad and of course the road trip with Baxter. I think I spend as much on gas now as I did when working every day. Oh well, can’t take it with me. See you all next month in Binghamton. Ginnie

up before dawn



up early today (O445) to teach an ENPC class. Do you know there are people on the overnite radio who talk about aliens? I need to get up earlier more often. Small class today hopefully will be done before the thunder starts. G

6/11/14- ENA has made the AARP Bulletin! Was reading latest edition of the old-timer’s magazine, has a really good article on nursing as a second career. One RN was previously with the NYFD, now works for NY VNS; one was previously a judge in Minnesota, now a nursing doctoral student; a Buddhist monk, now a psychiatric NP; and not least, a crime reporter, now an ED nurse in Hartford Conn. And there, attached to her ID badge was a nice big purple and white ENA button! Way to go!! I guess that no matter what your previous career, there is always a spot in nursing for everyone. (Of course, they were all mega years younger than I). My second career is going to be taking up space on the planet. I am already good at it.

I will be making a short trip to PA in a few weeks with my son’s dog Baxter who has torn his ACL. He gimps around anyway from arthritis in the hips, who knows how he did this. At 12, surgery is not an option so he and I are trekking to near Philadelphia to get a brace made. If it does nothing but help the pain and him to walk better, will be worth the trip. Glad I’m not paying for it though. We could do it from home and have it mailed, but hey, a road trip is a road trip. Can’t wait to spend the night in a hotel with a gimpy dog. I think we take better care of our pets than we do ourselves and in some cases, our kids.

Today is last day for voting, in fact the deadline has probably passed as I sit here. Not quite 5% for NYS, not as good as last year, any suggestions on how to interest folks in voting? I’ll take suggestions from anyone unless it involves spending money. G