I’m sorry for slacking off on this thing, but it’s been so hot. NYS delegates have all been informed of their status, in early June actually. The entire process has been interesting to say the least: a few anonymous, a few late applications, and one which never got registered. I apologize to those who didn’t make the deadline or whose applications disappeared into cyberspace. I have asked Sarah if there is a way to have something emailed back which says your application was received and she is checking on this for next year.

July council meeting is 25th/26th in Binghamton, Doubletree as usual. There is/was a misprint on the online calendar; hotel charge is $129 not $99, my bad I guess. We have had to cancel the instructor class d/t so little interest; maybe several areas can try to hold their own, may be easier to get folks together. The delegate orientation is from 5-7, BOD meeting after that in my room, where ever that turns out to be. Please be watching your email for notice that the online orientation is ready; we did not get an award last year as not everyone had done their online orientation. Let’s get Sandi in that line next year!

I sent my registration for Indiana today, did the early partial payment, a little easier on the VISA that way. I think Sue has already made our reservations and Tammy is working on the Tee shirts. Since I haven’t checked my Facebook in several months, I hope they aren’t waiting on me for any decisions to be made. I again promised Mickey to haul stuff for her, hope it’s not too bulky, you get four women plus luggage in a van, there isn’t usually too much room left over.

I survived the trip with Baxter, he really is a dear. Many firsts for him: hotel, elevator, getting his splint made. Except for the ‘have to go out at 0330’ we did fine. He is walking better, though still with a limp and occasional foot drop. Wants to go, but just not as perky as previous. And aren’t we all like that as we age; the desire is there, just not the physical ability to always do what we want.
See you in a few weeks……G