Slacking off and it’s not even Dog Days yet!

It’s been an entire month since I wrote ( or close enough). I’d like to say I have been terribly busy but can’t. Everyone made it through July 4th without any major calamities. I seemed to have spent most of the month on the lawn mower or holding a hose. Thus far has been a bee-u-ti-ful summer, just like when we were kids, including the poison ivy.

Picked lots of blackberries a few weeks ago; ate some and made jam but only 3 pints for at least 4 qts of berries. I tried to mush out most of the seeds which lost some of the fruit and didn’t use pectin, only sugar. Haven’t tried any yet, it’s better on a cold winter morning on hot toast.

have been reviewing the resolutions for General Assembly. Some make sense – nursing protocols, TBI/concussion education, advocate for decrease in Rx drug abuse (duh!) Some seem kind of no-brainers- creating a national trauma system, using orientation guidelines, standardizing emergency codes (I thought this was already in the works per TJC?) We (NYS ENA) did sign on to the nursing protocols resolution, even though if passed it will not effect us as the NYS board of nursing education does not allow the use of protocols, “outside our scope of practice”. I’m not sure we are ever going to get past that one. would certainly expedite pt throughput though wouldn’t it?

I’m off in the AM with Sue and whomever else to Binghamton for the July quarterly meeting. hope to see some of you there. Ginnie

a few things of interest

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A few things have been either bugging me or were brought to my attention recently. Jessica Castner from Western, who is working on a research project about protocol orders, sent me some info: New York stands out as the least likely to have protocols across the board – in some cases the odds are up to 11 times that you are more likely to have protocols if you practice in any other state. I don’t think this is news to anyone who practices in NYS and her research is not final, but it continues to amaze me that NYS, while professing to be so progressive in health care, continues to insist that registered nurses are not capable of deciding about protocol order use. I don’t think the current resolution up for voting at October’s GA is going to make much difference, although I will vote ‘yes’ for it’s passage and hope that it will be another point towards getting the NYS board of education to change this ruling.

The other thing came from Ken Steinhardt’s Washington Update. The great state of MIssouri has signed into law a bill which allows med students who have not done a residency but have completed their licensing exams, to begin to practice medicine in underserved areas. They would have to join a primary care practice with a collaborating physician who agrees to accept responsibility for them. The creation of this new “assistant physician” is used as a strategy to address the shortage of primary care in many areas of their state. BUT Missouri continues to impose more restrictions on NPs, who could also fulfill this shortage, than many other states. Another challenge for nursing in the current healthcare milieu.

As I watch my little VW convertible be towed off this AM, I also read that the last two weeks of August may be the hottest of the summer. Somehow I always manage to be too proactive. I decided that since it barely passed inspection this year and I am not putting any more money into it, that I would donate it to LollyPop Farm. So cleared it all out, took off the plates, loaded up the four spare tires on rims which have been taking up space in the garage for five years. I even removed the new CD/radio I put in and let them have the old one. (which worked very well but had a cassette player; that tell you how old it was?) Maybe I should have waited at least until after first frost? Oh well, hind sight etc etc.

See you all in October I hope, stay cool and keep safe…..Ginnie

Who says vacation is overrated?


Well, I spent a week in Massanutten VA, part with my sisters and part by myself. As you can see, we DID zipline although this is the only photo; my sister whom we forced to go first so she could take pictures, did not actually get any pictures of me coming down the line. Very interesting experience, I would go again even though the method of transportation from the landing platform was “step off into space and hang on”! My landing was similar to a beached turtle but we all survived. After they left on Sunday the rest of the week was pretty quiet. I did tube down the Shenandoah River, took an all day winery tour (had to buy a few bottles), shopped, did some crafts, and in general did not worry about lawn mowing or anything else.

Now I am back, working on stuff for General Assembly and Indiana conference. Thanks to all the delegates who were able to attend the orientation on the 25th. We will be more than ready when the time comes to push the button on our beepers!

Next project is nominations for upcoming elections. As usual it’s like pulling teeth; I realize that everyone is more than busy with work and family and school and the positions are volunteer. We are still missing someone for Pres-elect. This is a 3 year commitment when you figure in pres-elect, president and past pres spots on the board. PLEASE think about this level of participation on our state board. Kathy is on vacation this week; if you are interested in any of the positions open – pres-elect, board at large or treasurer – contact her soonest. The information needed is on the NYS website.

See you in October!!! Ginnie