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Remember back in the 80’s when HIV/AIDs first came to light?  Everyone was so paranoid but with education, good infection control practices and PPE we were prepared for safe practice, safe care.  Here we are again, with the Ebola virus now in the US and seeming to spread, once more being fearful.  According to the CDC, Ebola is passed only with direct contact with body fluids-blood, stool, urine, saliva-and must be in contact with mucous membranes or an open wound.  Every hospital has infection control equipment; everyone has been fitted for a mask or the dreaded PAPR.  We have practiced at least yearly  donning and doffing the gown/mask etc.  BUT do we really practice what we preach?  Are we really as concientious as we could be about infection control.  Many of the diseases we wear that equipment for- TB, pertussis, even HIV- are either cureable or at least manageable today.  Thus far there is no cure for Ebola, only treatment of the symptoms.  For this reason especially we need to be aware of our PPE use, hand washing, and control of products used in the care of our patients.  As we continue to prepare to care for our patients, remember to care for yourself-wear the PPE appropriately, remove the PPE appropriately as taught and you will have ‘safe practice, safe care’ . Ginnie


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