This is global warming?


My heart goes out to Buffalo and all it’s people who have been inundated with snow this last week and now the threat of flooding. We only had 8 inches here and it’s all gone this AM with temps in the high 40s. I hope the nurses who were stranded at home have now been able to get out to relieve their peers who were stranded at work. I think we need to be more concerned with weather issues in our disaster planning rather than issues we may never see.

I have been making weekly trips, with Eevee, to PA to visit my dad who is in hospice there. I now know I could never drive long distances for a living. Boring to say the least and I ran out of recorded books half way home today, will have to hit the library in the AM. And I will never understand how gas can be $2.92 in PA and $3.29 just over the border. Do they have to haul it further? I know, I know it’s the NYS taxes, why are we all still here?

I am trying to dig up some spirit for Christmas but seem to be scroogie this year. I was caught unprepared when the snow came last week and had now birdseed to put out. If I had wanted to go out that is. Have fixed that today so since it’s going to be in the 50s tomorrow will get the feeders up and suet out ready for the next storm. Hope it’s not going to do this all winter: a foot of snow, melt, then do it all over again.

Enough for now, I don’t think anyone reads this thing anyway, better luck to Sandi next year. See you in a few weeks…..G

The end is in sight



Only 6 weeks until I become Past-President of NYS ENA.  Where did the year go?  I never thought I would have difficulty communicating, but this blog is one thing I will not miss.  I read several when we were setting this up, just to see what ‘blogging’ was actually about; I still don’t know.  I just sit here and go on about whatever comes into my head.  Sometimes it’s pertinent, lots of time it’s not.  I have certainly bent your ear about things which interest me, maybe not you.  Right now, I have been reflecting on the last year.  I think we have accomplished some things, with plans for much more in 2015.  Mid Hudson members are making a stalwart attempt to get themselves back together; the 9/11 fund is over 60K, conference will be back in Saratoga next year and not least of all, I hope everyone had some fun while getting the work done.  After next month, this spot will be Sandi’s to have fun with.  See you next month.    Ginnie