The end is in sight



Only 6 weeks until I become Past-President of NYS ENA.  Where did the year go?  I never thought I would have difficulty communicating, but this blog is one thing I will not miss.  I read several when we were setting this up, just to see what ‘blogging’ was actually about; I still don’t know.  I just sit here and go on about whatever comes into my head.  Sometimes it’s pertinent, lots of time it’s not.  I have certainly bent your ear about things which interest me, maybe not you.  Right now, I have been reflecting on the last year.  I think we have accomplished some things, with plans for much more in 2015.  Mid Hudson members are making a stalwart attempt to get themselves back together; the 9/11 fund is over 60K, conference will be back in Saratoga next year and not least of all, I hope everyone had some fun while getting the work done.  After next month, this spot will be Sandi’s to have fun with.  See you next month.    Ginnie

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