Happy New Year!!!


Here we are, at the end of 2014. Does time go faster when you are older or does it just seem that way? The year has flown by: state conference in April, 5K, national elections, Ebola crisis, National Conference, state elections, and here we are again, at the end of the year. NYS Council is already working on projects for 2015; Sandi has officers and committee chairs all in place.

Several Chapters are working very hard to remain viable, cheers to them for realizing that their local chapter is important and does need to continue. There are new (and younger) faces at every council meeting and that is as it should be. Our replacements are the life blood of our organization, just as they are the life blood of their departments.

I must be feeling nostalgic today, recalling my beginnings in Emergency Nursing back in the 70s when every ambulance arrival necessitated a quick run to the BR (that adrenalin spurt you know) even if the patient was not acute. Wearing gloves for anything but sterile procedures and cleaning stool was unheard of (hence my hep b + status) and the crash cart was a drawer in the cupboard. Appendicitis was recognized by a good abdominal exam and the WBC diff, not the CT.

God bless Anita and Judy for realizing that we, emergency nurses, are a breed apart and making the effort to organize. They are both gone now and we are left to carry on their vision for our specialty. Encourage your colleagues to attend chapter meetings, let’s put the 911 Fund over the top and get more of our membership involved in ENA. Let 2015 be a banner year for NYS ENA !

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