A time for renewal, rebirth, and re-energize.

NYS ENA annual conference “Setting the Pace” is just a week away… I can’t believe its April already and I promised to get this done. I love this time of year as the snow from the winter finally melts and spring starts to show through with little crocuses and daffodils begin their early bloom. A time for renewal, rebirth, and re-energize.

I am sure not all of you celebrate Easter, but I am sure that you welcome spring. With the beginning of Spring, we look at it as a time for rebirth and a time to refocus on the rest of the year to come. NYS ENA has been doing the same. This year we are excited about the annual conference that will be held in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Holiday Inn on April 16-17th. We will be celebrating 45 years of Emergency Nursing of the NYS ENA at the 35th Setting the Pace Conference. I always enjoy going to a conference. It recharges my passion for Emergency Nursing and helps me refocus on the things I need to work on. I always return to work and speak to my co-workers about something new I learned or saw while at the conference. It’s still not too late to plan your attendance. There are always a few who register at the door. Our 2nd quarterly meeting will be on the Saturday following the conference. If you have never attended a council meeting I hope you can stay over and see what we are all about. Everyone is welcome. We encourage new people to get involve. I hope to see you there.

With the coming of spring, it’s time to wake from winter’s sleep and get re-focused and re-energized and become re-engaged in your profession. It’s exciting to hear that chapters: Adirondack and Mid Hudson are getting on track. As for the council, the committees have regrouped and are recharged for action. There are plans for a CPEN class and an Injury Prevention Workshop on July 31 in Suffern and a CEN class on November 6th in Middletown. National elections will be in June and then off to Orlando Florida on September 28th- October 3rd for the National Conference and General Assembly.

Several new committees have been formed and are still getting their feet wet and just starting to build momentum.
These are: Advance Practice Group, Behavioral Health Group, Research Committee, IQSIP (Injury Prevention), Strategic Planning.

NYS ENA is passionate about Emergency Nursing and we are here for you, as an active resource to address issues of concern at the patient’s bedside, the nurse’s work environment and the individual ED nurse’s practice. I encourage you to re-energize and nurture your inner nurse-self.
I hope to see you in Saratoga and until next time I leave you with this one thought:
“I can’t’ change the world alone, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” Mother Theresa