September 11 Remembered…

Yesterday was September 11th and as I sat watching the morning news with my morning coffee I tried to remember back to what I was doing… I remember I was at work as the event unfolded and a group of us watched the TV to follow … WOW that was 14 years ago…

My youngest child was only eleven… now I have a granddaughter…time goes on too quickly.

Time has definitely changed from eleven years ago and to watch the news very little was mentioned about the event that influenced changes around the world…the news seeming to concentrate on Presidential candidates and their political banter of how each one is the best for the job…but say very little on how they will change to influence the nation’s progress.

Being a leader is not an easy position to be in but being able to influence and guide progress and a move forward is truly a rewarding feeling…you remember you are leading ALL members, ALL groups, ALL people involved for ONE purpose…progress and moving forward.

So as I remember September 11th, I take a moment to remember those that were lost, my thoughts and prayers to those families that experienced a lost that day…my thoughts and prayers to those that choose to dedicate their lives to keep all of us safe… here and abroad…I thank you and I pray that you will stay safe too…Sandi

Sandi Tetler, RN, BSN
2015 NYS ENA President

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