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Using Facebook

1) Visiting the State Facebook Page

In order to visit the facebook page from the state website, click on the Find us on Facebook icon. The State Facebook page will appear in a new window of your browser. On a desktop computer the Facebook icon is located on the top left of the page. On a mobile device, the Facebook icon is located on the footer (bottom of the page).

Facebook Icon

Desktop View - Top Right Corner

Facebook Icon

Mobile View - Footer

2) Liking the State Facebook Page

Once you are on the State Facebook page, Find and click on the Like button. The Like button is located to the right of the profile image, on the cover photo. After you have clicked the Like button, it will change to Liked. Then you will know you have successfully liked the page. The State Facebook page will now be added to your newsfeed and about section.

Liking the facebook page

3) Interacting with the Facebook Page

Posting on the page. At the top of the page's timeline, type your post into the box where it says "Write something..." Once you are finished click Post.

Posting on the facebook page

Liking/Commenting/Sharing a Post. At the bottom of each post, you have the option to Like it, Comment on it, or share it.

Liking/Commenting/Sharing a Post
For additional help, read about Pages at the Facebook Help Center.

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