New York State Emergency Nurses Association

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Our Structure

ENA Organization and Structure

The National Level category of membership is maintained by all current ENA members. The General Assembly, composed of delegates from each State Council, serves as the professional policy determining component of the Association. The Board of Directors serves as the management component of the national Association, elected by the members and entrusted with the task of implementing and addressing national ENA policy in collaboration with all Association components. The ENA Executive Director and staff occupy the National Office located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The State Level category of membership exists immediately below the national level and is automatically obtained upon joining the Association. State Councils are chartered by the national Association to implement its philosophy, objectives and leadership and serve as the decision-making bodies at the state level.

The Local Level category of membership exists immediately below the state level of membership. The local level may consist of formal chapters responsible for implementing national ENA professional activities or informal constituent groups, units, or divisions responsible for implementing ENA professional activities as outlined by the State Council.

National Committees focus on the specialized needs of emergency nursing. Committees contribute to Association goals and address issues related to areas such as education, practice, ethics, trauma, research, pediatrics, management, prehospital, and government affairs.