Setting the Pace Conference



Yes, the Basket Raffle is going to be at 4:15 PM on Friday. Tickets for raffle are 6 for $5 OR 12 for $10. Someone has to be present to collect winning items.
The survey will be emailed to you on Friday and the CME certificate will be emailed upon completion of the survey.
The Poster Scavenger Hunt will give you opportunity to receive Continuing Education Credits and make you eligible for a special prize drawing. To complete the scavenger hunt view posters and complete the form on the website. Click here to see posters.

WiFi network is “Saratoga” and password is meetings

NYSENA is excited to welcome attendees, drill participants, exhibitors, sponsors, and staff to Saratoga, NY in April 2023 for the Setting the Pace Conference. With COVID, Monkey Pox, Polio, and other health concerns in the media each day, several inquires have been made regarding how NYSENA is handling these concerns regarding the conference. Our position is as follows:

  1. NYSENA encourages all who are not feeling well use common sense. Self-quarantine, stay home, consult your primary physician, etc. Do not expose your fellow provides to your illness at Setting the Pace.
  2. Your vaccination status is your personal decision and your own business. We will not be requiring proof to attend our event.
  3. At this time, Masks are not required by NYS, Saratoga County, or the venue. You may elect to wear one, but we are not requiring it.
  4. Everything is subject to change. (You should know this by now.) Should NYS, Saratoga County, or the venue make changes to their policies or requirements, we will notify registered attendees using the email address provided at the time of registration. This notification will be made as soon as possible.

Friday starting at 7:30 am - Breakfast with the exhibitors, lunch with the exhibitors and closing reception. The Exhibit hall will be open all day Friday - starting at 7:30 am

The “Bingo card” have the exhibitor names, as you visit each exhibitor, the exhibitor will sign or stamp in their respective areas. Place completed “Bingo card” in “Bingo” drawing box. Completed signed “Bingo card” are eligible to be entered into a drawing to win a free NYSENA Setting the Pace conference registration for 2023.

Don’t forget to put your name on the “Bingo card”.

“Bingo card” will be available in the Exhibit hall on Friday morning.

Registration will be open for registration and badge:
Wednesday - 11:45am-12:15pm and 5pm-6pm
Thursday - 7am
Friday - 7:30am

Registration is located in the Backstretch Lobby

The location for the Thursday & Friday conference sessions are in Quinella, Exacta & Daily Double rooms.

The Mardi Gras Masquerade Party is casual affair with a buffet dinner, music and dancing.

You will receive One free drink ticket at the door and Cash Bar available all evening